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  • Univeralist The System Play for Tuesday

    We Lost yesterday so today is Bet "B"


    8:30 PM

    College Basketball

    551 Georgetown* +9½ -155
    Won 69-73

    Georgetown vs Providence

    2.75/2.00 (correction)

    3-1 = 66% +2.11

    The System

    I use a successfully modified Martingale Betting System for all sporting events.

    At it's top performance during the 2016 NFL season the modified Martingale Betting System went undefeated. That does not mean the system won every bet because it did lose about 30% of it's bets. However, once you learn the system you will be able to recoup "most" of your losses.

    On average during a typical NFL season I lose between 2-3 Three Play Bets a season from week one unto and including the Conference Finals. I do not bet the Super Bowl with this system because the system has a home field factor built into it. Relax, I will tell you in details later what a Three Play Bets is all about. In short, these are the only real bets that I lose.

    Each year I have a Super Bowler Sunday party for all my group members here at Narragansett, R.I. for all members that can attend.

    On average members profit 17 units during the NFL season.

    Betting on the Super Bowl is discouraged but rather a celebration of our seasonal success is encouraged.

    The Three BET System

    Bets A, B and C

    Each day I will post the bet of the day that you use for this system

    The element of the system is that you are following a 3-step "chase" system, so called, because you "chase" your losses with larger bets in the hope of recouping prior losses.

    The chase works like this:

    Your first bet is called Bet "A".

    Bet A
    If you win Bet "A", the next day you simply go back to making a 1 unit bet, again.

    Bet B
    If you lose Bet "A", on the next day your second bet, Bet "B", you simply place a bet to win back the amount you lost in bet A.
    If you win Bet "B", the next day you go back to making a 1 unit Bet "A", again.

    BET C
    If you lose Bet "B" you bet enough to win back the amount you lost on Bet "A" plus the amount you lost in Bet "B".
    If you win Bet "C" you have recouped all of your losses.

    If you loss Bet "C" the system counts it as a "loss" when you go have gone through an entire ABC progression and lose all three bets.

    I rarely lose three (3) bets in a row.
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    Hey Uni - the system sounds like the way to go. I will try it and track my progress here with you.
    Depending on my sources my play of the day may match you or may not.

    BET A
    ​​​​​​​Tuesday’s play - Wichita State -9.5 (-110) Feb 6, 2018 8:00 PM 250.00 >227.27

    Balance -250.00


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      Seems like a good play.
      Congrats on our win!.
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