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Sat 3/9 Night in the Lab / Tourney Prep ; mad-dog play

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  • Sat 3/9 Night in the Lab / Tourney Prep ; mad-dog play

    Hey guys. If any one's around. Pulled an all nighter. Been doing okay?

    Parlay of 4 Teams
    Risk: $12.00 Win: $163.57 So that's 1.5 units for me
    1.Under 60.5-101
    1H Syracuse vs 1H Clemson
    2.PROVIDENCE -3-111
    Overnight mad-dog play
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    RX Prescription play:
    PARLAY (2 TEAMS) to win $70.89
    Risk: $25.50 - Win: $70.89

    Villanova -3+103
    Game Start 03/09/2019 @ 09:00 AM pst
    Texas Tech -2-116
    Game Start 03/09/2019 @ 11:00 AM pst
    Overnight RX - Starting with a short stack.
    Build a starter roll. That would be about 3 units. No lectures please. I'm not all there anyways.
    Good Luck and Good Caps!
    Feeling a cover coming from the Wildcats.


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      Sorry fella's. Was horrible last week. With the parlays. 0-2. Should have just played straight


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        Today early and probably late. NC. STATE / VIRGINIA. POSTED LINES ARE NOW NC. ST +11.5. O/U 132.
        Is N.C. STATE A LIVE DOG? That's what the trends say. THIS IS STILL AN RX play for me. Though my fundamentals would lean Virginia covers just barely the eleven.
        Since I was going to buy a point down for Virgina to cover the 11pts. But at the window the line was moving against me, "FORGET ABOUT IT!
        I TOOK 1H TOTAL; OVER THE 62.
        Bought a pt down on the total. Under 131 @ ? WITH NC. STATE COVERING THE 11.5 , FOR A TWO TEAM PARLAY. This WEEkend, my base bet is 3% of my Roll.
        So Put 4 units on the First half, and 5 units on the Parlay. Good Luck Fellas, but I'm detatching from the outcome. Later!


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          What would Tex say? Just recently heard about the lesson to be learned from "the second kick of a mule".
          Rough yesterday. Overthought the play. Was correct on the under 132 on the NC. State. But still had it in a parlay, instead of straight does not pay. So now 0-3 on palays.
          I'll have to settle down and make a proper two teamer parlays. Looks like 0-2 on straight plays as well.


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            This am a straight bet and a 3-team parlay
            Straight: MICHIGAN STATE Play -10.5 (-111) bought a point. My thinking. Heard Izzo might want to use his bench, get his two horses who have not been injured some rest.
            Hope that requires they get a sizeable lead, before he starts pacing the game. for 5 units

            Parlay: MICHIGAN STATE -10.5 (-111) to the Under134.5-126 (Ohio State vs Michigan State) with VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH -8 (-106). For 4 units Do they shoot mules, also?
            Or just horses?
            Good Luck and Good Capps, everyone. I may be back late this afternoon, on the "left" coast!
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