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The West Report-2017 College Football Newsletter

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    Its Friday... woo hoo. that means the West Reports is published
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      OPINION whisky over. I had over last week with navy/fla atl & damn weather delays started & game got pushed to wee hours. Whisky got 59 last week on own. They punish little guys early. Through the years see these offensive outputs: 45 vs umass, bowling green 68, miami oh 58, & akron 54. Whisky should see same result if not partying tonight in Madison.

      OPINION on sparty again. Going back to big boys vs little guys after last week. They cant lose to this team. WM in weird spot traveling back from west coast. No qb play with em passed 94 yards last week from scrimmage lost pass play 27 yards from a WR. Sparty loads box & cruises in ugly win.

      LEAN on rutgers. Rutgers is improved big10 team gave Uw all they wanted at home. Em riding coat tails of last years winnings. At home with short # rutgers pushes around MAC.

      LEAN on georgia. Not convinced Nd back. Yes ga qb out. However back up lead em to most of there points last week vs app st a game they lead 31-0 with 5 to go. Irish had worst rush D in 20 years last year. Temple found some holes. Chubb & co carry load. Take the dogs as a dog & expect some bite in south bend.

      LEAN on toledo over. Rockets got plenty of fire power. Last year went to provo vs byu & lost 55-53. Wolf pack speeding pace with new up tempo offense. Should see alot plays & alot of big plays.

      PLAY bucs/ou over. Last year 69 points that had a total of 58. Ou returns 99% of offensive passing production. Baker was 19/20 in 1st 1/2 last week. Bucs gave up 437 yards last week vs indy(309 in air). Now face much more potent attack. Meanwhile bucs had 596 total yards vs indy. Big12 over league, under lights at shoe with great Fall weather, enjoy the firework show.

      BAIL OUT is a BEST BET on wash st at home vs boise. A revenge game here. Believe harsin has been riding petersons guys much like duck head coach did last year. Now a Qb getting pulled last week in game 1? Boise didnt cover a game last year at home. They went into a bowl game vs baylor as Td fav & got a$$ kicked by a bear team who lets face has issues. Falk & coogs claw up bronchos late at nite in pullman
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        Just came from out West Nevada, I think I'm going back, lots of room, Desert national park is huge, coherent now, let's get em West.....Myself liking Baylor -7 1st half...
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          Fade alert here. Not much of nothing going right on these pages. Was really concerned with alot of tout action on wash st & then the sharp move late steaming # down. Hopefully i cant stoop much lower on these gambles.

          Last week 2-5 -$910
          Season 7-12 -$1420
          Bailouts 1-2
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            OPINION boise/nm over the total. Past 5 years these 2 have averaged 71 ppg. Not concerned with boise qb out. Dont think # is high enough here & we get in 60s
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              Loser last night heavy steam i saw to bull headed. Grind thru this stretch...

              Going to try this just a LEAN since utah st is always screwing me. Decs +4 last week in turnovers & were outgained by lowly bc. Now a DD fav? Last year opened in role vs tulane & won 7-3. To many here i think..

              OPINION nc heels. Nc down this year. But 0-2 facing little guy they pick up W & roll. Old D not strong by any means. Only meeting between these 2 in 2013 a 80-20 nc win as 17 point fav at home. Old D not played many bigger guys much, program not there at this time. Heels roll.

              LEAN on byu. To many here with a total of just 41. Whisky has only played one good 1/2 the 2nd 1/2 vs utah st. Now go on road to a place they never play in altitude? Byu screwed up in redzone missed some fgs last week. Qb Mangum sucked is out, prolly a good thing. Byu stock low, im buying & taking generous points at home.

              PLAY on kst. I dont think vandy is all that great of team. Home field nothing special. They bullied a finesse mid tn st team. On deck is bama. Kst focused with a bye next week. To short of a # for vandy vs a better team. Td or more win by the fighting synders.

              PLAY on cincy. What the heck is going on here? Miami started 0-6 last year & won out to close year. Who did they beat? The usual suscpects & im not impressed. 5th time in 4 years dressing up as home fav & only covered 2 these were mostly fcs games. Cincy still big brother to miami in ohio state. Take the live dog or cat here.

              BEST BET tech over. Only not a GOM is cause my totals havent been strong here in this newsletter & zona st if gets down big could quit. This game got well over a 100 last year. Revenge game for coach bro. Big12 D here. Should fly over on the high plains.

              Prime time Gow is a PLAY on cards. Have to think cards have had this game circled losing 3 strait. Line flipped from year ago 3 point fav to 3 point dog. Think clem bit overvalued & aub not that great. First true road game for new qb vs a team with a qb that i think is better this year than last if thats possible. Dabo only 1-8 ats as a road fav of <7 cards big.

              Bail out is a LEAN cal/miss over. High total here for sure. Should be alot of plays. Ole miss qb faced weak sisters but on year is 60/78 for 918 yards with 9 tds & 1 int. Cal offense scored 35 & 33 this year. Think we should get enough here for a enterntaing interesting matchup.

              Lets gets some winners & catch some fish both been lacking lately. GL

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                I tagged the Cincy game as wrong teamed favored early in the week. Good luck! Tough week to bet in my opinion. Thanks for write up. Deer season open here in GA. Red Drum will be running in the sounds as weather cools.


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                  Best of luck tonight brotha. I see u got some big ones going. I was 50/50 on the Louisville game but u made my mind up pretty easily
                  To quote the late Al Davis " Just win"


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                    Man o man. This is what i was afraid of before i went thru with this thread years ago. This has been more L's than W's for awhile. Thing of it is i gamble more than i put out here. & whatever i may isnt always posted. Can be good or bad thing i guess. Right now think some changes need to be made. Not sure what that is.
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                      Good seeing you deuce. Put some pods in the pod thread buddy.
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                        Not a winning week yet hole getting bigger,,worst stretch since ive done this
                        Last week 3-6 -310
                        Season 10-18 -1730
                        Bailouts 1-3
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                          Hang in there! The worm will turn!!!


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                            Thanks motle not as bad as this & not as good when on a roll. Think i got some good ones. GL boys

                            Have all LEANS here coming from Big12. Going over with all these. Okie st, can score from anywhere any time. 59, 44, & 59 to start year. Ou over lowest output was 31 at ohio st. If they can score that many there they may get this # by themselves. Tech over. Tech no D as always will make offense go into score mode all game.

                            OPINION bama. We will see if vandy is all that here. They may not score with a total this low. Bama as tex as pointed dont struggle vs grind it out teams like they do vs teams that spread em around & pressure with run/throw qb. Tide or nothing here.

                            PLAY on app st. We like to talk about value. A year ago a miami team was just a 3 point fav here. Dollars & opinions all came in on app. Now do i think this wf team is as good as that cane team? No period. App little utr. 1st real home game vs outa conference bigger school catching a good #. Live dog here.

                            OPINION on sd st. Situational spot here producing steam on af. If havent noticed aztecs are good & well coached. Af coming off physical game vs mich. Sd st 7-1 in mwc conf road openers won 8 strait vs fly boys by 12ppg. Not rated higher cause respect the steam.

                            Have 2 system plays here. The system is this. If a team is off a loss & a fav of >7 vs a team coming off 1 or more losses lay the wood. 38-8 ats record. LEAN here on tulsa.

                            2 bailouts this week. Going back to our other system play. Coming in with a BEST BET on the trees. They have owned this series vs ucla & covered most of em. Trees not lost 3 strait since 2008. Lay it!

                            Lastly got a LEAN on zona st. Ducks to big of road fav here. Nearly blew game vs bad neb team at home. Last week wyoming qb got knocked out early & they are down this year. Zona st was in a game they couldve won last week got scored on late. I will take over 2 tds in this spot.
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                              Don't wanna tread on your thread. but.. I have seen so much Stanford love and heard how they always beat the UCLA so many times this week, that I gotta go with the bruins. I think Stanford just a bad team. Also, Like Wake in this spot.
                              So you are probably spot on with your picks here.. lol Good luck

                              Ammo for you. UCLA at Stanford: BetOnline opened Stanford -7 and CRIS opened Stanford -6.5, but both books are now listing Stanford -7.5. Again, early spread tickets are pretty even, so sharper money has been taking the Cardinal to cover at home."
                              Last edited by tex; 09-23-17, 09:28 AM.
                              "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.... Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day"


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                                Anytime feel free to comment tex or whoever. There always is a counterpoint & often lota luck. No doubt we all have made bad calls but a bounce or 2 here or there and things little different. Course think we all know that. GL
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