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    We are always trying to make this site better and it is you our members that makes it awesome.

    Some cool things you can look forward to. We are going to do a 15 in a row contest for $1500 sometime soon. I along with Free Sports Bet will be fronting the money for this.

    Also, similar to what abovethevig, richardcrani, lillefty, wiseguy do with their threads, i.e. trend of the week, plays for the week, Dusty and other cappers, come up with something unique every week if you'd like, a trend of the week, an article of the week, your rant of the week can be a lot of fun and we can look forward to your specific post every week. I for example try to write 2 betting articles a week, but others can as well.

    Be free to write what you feel, a rant on someone every week, your trend fo the day, your trend of the week, articles on the upcoming season for the nfl, anything. Have fun, and use this is an outlet to be creative and do as you wish on quailty content .

    Why not use our greatest asset in membership to increase even more quality content. This will allow us indirectly to offer more contests (well over 10k in prizes given), prizes and cooler features to the website to come in the future.

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    Re: Have your own feature


    First, congratulations on the stellar capping in MLB, especially June. I'll put myself back into the MLB mix after the NBA closes, and it should close the first game they return to LALA Land.

    Has the lounge ever done a contest where, like the NCAA brackets this year, where the entrants front their own money, let's say $50.00 a man, and have an MLB 10 in a row type of competition?

    I'm one to always allow someone else to provide the money, but I do not per say, want to join your sponsor's sportsbook or create an account with them.

    Regards, WiseGuy1
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      Re: Have your own feature

      Let's start by putting down some content that I find the hardest to obey and one of the most important.


      With out the proper money management, you could win an amazing 75% of your games and still be down quite a bit if not broke. Chase systems may even work for quite a few months, but then when that one bad month or even just a bad week comes in a chase system, it can make you broke in a hurry! Take whatever your bankroll is and divide it by 100. You now have 1% of your bankroll or 1unit, you should never bet more than 5units and those should be reserved for your very best picks. Your bread and butter should be 3units and for the more conservative player 2units. This was by far the hardest lesson for me to ever learn, I used to love to chase money with my bets like a true degenerate. Once I became a straight bettor I noticed steady gains rather than the crazy roller coaster ride I had as a chase player.

      Ok guys please add any and all comments you have on money management and any other topic you want.

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        Re: Have your own feature

        Dusty do me a favor and create your own thread and entitle it as you wish, we will stick it up at the top to so others can check it out as well. I don't want what you wrote to get lost in others' comments and want to make sure it gets as much viewership as it can.


        What you say makes sense and yes, we have done it. Vig actually ran the contest last 2 years in ncaa I believe and people fronted the money and he did an awesome job of running it. Its hard to do something like that but he made it go smoothly. We can take up a tally and do a 10 in a row like that and we might make it $25 for $250 prize pool first.

        You can create a seperate thread and see if there is interest. If so, we have a paypal that people can send the money too and we can send the money to the winner so folks will feel comfortable that it is run through the lounge as an official contest. I think you will get at least 10 people of interest in your idea. Like I said w, you can wheel and deal in this place, it is your place to be creative and run with ideas. You will get the interest b/c there are a ton of interested gamblers who would love a competitive contest like that.
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