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Free Sports Jersey Giveaway - September 2017


It's simple. On the first day of every October we will draw ONE LUCKY WINNER. That forum user will win a sports jersey of their choice.

To qualify is simple... Register for the Cappers Lounge forums. MAKE THREE POSTS between now and September 30th on the forums.

If you do those two things, you will automatically be entered in this months drawing! There were only 24 qualified in August so let's increase that. Good luck!

PS -- be sure to use your best email when registering as we will announce the winner via email and on the forums.
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T4$ Baseball 2017

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  • T4$ Baseball 2017

    Pirates ml

  • #2
    Gonna bring out the 1st inning system this weekend or Monday at the latest. Hopefully I can make all some $$$


    • #3
      Really looking forward to this. Assuming you have been doing this in the past? Curious what it's based off of. I like making money so I'm IN!


      • #4
        Yes I have . its usually good from a April through August
        didnt start yet due to baseball being spuratic this season. But now


        • #5
          Let's try to start the 1st inning system today
          Props...will there be a score in the 1st inning? Answer always is yes for these bets

          Atl Mia -115/100
          Pitt az-145/100
          Det/Laa -110/100

          If u choose tails w extreme caution due to the fact that this system has been very inconsistent thus far.


          • #6
            Tryin good stuff as always...i recall Yu with boys had 1st ingg issues previous years. I have not been capping much in bases do you know if that has been the case thus far in 2017? GL, i mean that seriously if you are hanging out with a wise deuce in philly lol
            Pick Winners & Catch Fish


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              Thx West. All that's in the past. I'm too old to get mad at that stuff anymore. People can do and say whatever they like. I'm only responsible for me and my actions as I've learned that life is way too short. I'm just trying to help others with everything I can always and most of all trying to make $$$ for everyone.

              but I still hate one

              thanks for all your stuff over the years...your posts and comments. Although not said by me on here, I do value a lot the work you do and the content you bring.


              • #8
                Thank you for the kind words Trying. & yes the past is the past. I was just saying wise & d2 are helluva a couple guys that are characters. We've kept up for years now. I havent had the pleasure of meeting them personally. Hopefully its one day soon. Yall enjoy yourselves. Tell mom i said hi on this mothers day.
                Pick Winners & Catch Fish


                • #9
                  Phils g1
                  Nats g2

                  1st inning
                  Atl Mia -120
                  Los col -140
                  Cinn sf -105
                  Pitt az-115
                  Oak Tex -125


                  • #10
                    I hear ya. I would love to have a cappers lounge get together at a neutral site? Maybe so we can all meet....just throwing out there as a wtf?


                    • #11
                      1st 5 small Phils game under 4


                      • #12
                        1st inning

                        astros marlins -110
                        wsox angels -105
                        Dodgers Giants plus 105
                        mets az -125


                        • #13
                          1st inning
                          Cinn Cubs -140
                          Mil sd even
                          Bal det -120
                          Yanks kc -120
                          Hou mil -105
                          Bos stl even

                          Will update record later or tomorrow


                          • #14
                            Thanks for posting these 1st inning plays!


                            • #15
                              Missed Marlins play damn