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Knup's Homerun Derby thoughts

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  • Knup's Homerun Derby thoughts

    Hey everyone! Pumped for the HR derby tonight. So I know this is going to sound like a "chalky" play. But I love Judge to win this HR Derby tonight. He's +150 and not actually the favorite (Stanton comes in at +130).

    So if you have really watched and looked at Aaron Judge's past and current year -- he is built like a MACHINE and not only that -- like a HOMERUN HITTING MACHINE. His homeruns are not flukes. He should absolutely make a HR Derby HIS PLAYGROUND.

    Sure, Stanton is good... Bour can hit. But these guys aren't Judge.

    I'm taking the +150 tonight and sitting back and watching this guy hit record setting homeruns all night. It's going to be fun! ENJOY!

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    I went 18/1 Charlie Blackmon


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      Good call Knup!
      Pick Winners & Catch Fish


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        Originally posted by westtxedge View Post
        Good call Knup!
        Thanks West! It was quite an entertaining first round last night.