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NBA Playoffs for 2017

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  • NBA Playoffs for 2017

    Toronto Raptors +1.5 facing Milwaukee Bucks
    San Antonio Spurs -4 vs Memphis Grizzlies

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    Who do you like this year? I am liking the Celtics due to their good season and I am always a sucker for a decent value bet.

    Here are the odds for all 16 teams to win the 2017 NBA championship as of Thursday, April 13.

    Golden State Warriors 5/11
    Cleveland Cavaliers 19/5
    San Antonio Spurs 9/1
    Boston Celtics 20/1
    Houston Rockets 30/1
    Toronto Raptors 30/1
    Los Angeles Clippers 30/1
    Washington Wizards 40/1
    Utah Jazz 150/1
    Milwaukee Bucks 150/1
    Indiana Pacers 200/1
    Chicago Bulls 200/1
    Oklahoma City Thunder 225/1
    Atlanta Hawks 225/1
    Memphis Grizzlies 250/1
    Portland Trail Blazers 300/1

    Here are the odds to win the 2017 Eastern Conference championship as of Thursday, April 13.

    Cleveland Cavaliers 5/13
    Boston Celtics 13/2
    Toronto Raptors 13/2
    Washington Wizards 10/1
    Milwaukee Bucks 30/1
    Indiana Pacers 50/1
    Chicago Bulls 50/1
    Atlanta Hawks 60/1

    Here are the odds to win the 2017 Western Conference championship as of Thursday, April 13.

    Golden State Warriors 1/4
    San Antonio Spurs 5/1
    Houston Rockets 10/1
    Los Angeles Clippers 15/1
    Utah Jazz 100/1
    Memphis Grizzlies 125/1
    Oklahoma City Thunder 125/1
    Portland Blazers 125/1


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      Man, do any teams outside of Cleveland and Golden State REALLY have a chance?


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        How can you forget about San Antonio? I still like an underdog in Boston.


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          Blazers at 300/1. Dam Dolla thinks they can beat the Warriors. If they do- 300/1 will look tasty.


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            Series line: Cavaliers -1350, Pacers +650
            Series line: Clippers -210, Jazz +160
            Series line: Spurs -1500, Grizzlies +700
            Series line: Raptors -410, Bucks +290

            I like the favorites in each of these. What about you?


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              Golden State isn't getting beat by Portland. Too much offense.


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                Personally I think the Jazz might "clip" the Clippers. And outside chance for the Bucks to win that series but doubtful. No chance for Pacers and Grizz...


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                  Knup - good call, atleast with the Clips. Jazz winning in L.A. is impressive to me. Grizz are so dead.


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                    I'm leaning toward Tuesday being a "favorites" cover night in the NBA Playoffs. Only one I think may cover is the Bulls +7. Your thoughts?

                    Milwaukee at Toronto -7.5
                    Chicago at Boston -7
                    Utah at L.A. Clippers -9


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                      Good call on the Bulls!!!


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                        Thursday games:
                        I will take Cleveland -2.5
                        Milwaukee -1
                        San Antonio -3.5
                        Good luck!


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                          I won't post much, but I will share "BIG plays" whenever I feel them. Tomorrow play the Jazz -140. I liked this series to go 6, if not 7 games before it began. Clippers are 11-10 without Griffin. I'll be shocked if the Jazz don't win this one, especially with no Griffin.

                          A smaller play on the Celtics. No Rondo for the Bulls.


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                            Milwaukee +5.5 vs Toronto
                            Washington +2.5 vs Atlanta

                            Going after both of them tonight!


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                              Just sayin'.

                              OKC +7.5 vs Houston
                              Memphis +10 playing San Antonio
                              Utah +3 tips off with LA Clippers