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Free Sports Jersey Giveaway - September 2017


It's simple. On the first day of every October we will draw ONE LUCKY WINNER. That forum user will win a sports jersey of their choice.

To qualify is simple... Register for the Cappers Lounge forums. MAKE THREE POSTS between now and September 30th on the forums.

If you do those two things, you will automatically be entered in this months drawing! There were only 24 qualified in August so let's increase that. Good luck!

PS -- be sure to use your best email when registering as we will announce the winner via email and on the forums.
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Knup's Preseason NFL Picks for 2017

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  • Knup's Preseason NFL Picks for 2017

    Preseason NFL is here! Many of you hate betting on it -- I disagree. Just bet small and understand that LOTS can go wrong. But it gets you in the groove and starts to help you know the teams a bit better. Try to find an edge and when all else fails -- fade the public :)

    Hall of Fame Game tonight!!! PICK: Dallas Cowboys -1

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    Congratulations on your pick tonight!


    • #3
      Thanks lb49ers -- NAILED it. Lol well barely squeeked out a winner is more like it. But I'll take it.

      NFL Preseason YTD: 1-0


      • #4
        Got a couple pre-season picks for tonight!

        Week 1 - August 8, 2017
        Jacksonville Jaguars +4
        San Francisco 49ers +4

        Current Record: 1-0


        • #5
          Nailed the Jags last night! Easy money. 2-0 on the season!

          Week 1 - August 9, 2017
          San Francisco 49ers +4

          Current Record: 2-0


          • #6
            49'ers with another EASY WIN in the pre-season...

            3-0 so far.

            No picks on Saturday. Will see what I find on Sunday. Good luck today!

            Current Record: 3-0


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              Ok... Finally got another pre-season play for you guys tonight. Current record sitting at 3-0 this pre-season... LETS GO!

              Seattle Seahawks ML (take them on the moneyline not -3 or whatever it is)


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                Good Luck Knup!! Totally Agree.


                • #9
                  Another day... Another winner! Nailing the preseason so far. Hope you all are too.

                  Current Record: 4-0 (+4 units)

                  Week 2 - Saturday Picks

                  Green Bay Packers +4
                  Denver Broncos +3
                  Oakland Raiders ML


                  • #10
                    Of course it was gonna be a winner. We are never wrong when we both agree on something. lol
                    Congrats bro!


                    • #11
                      Great stuff, was on..


                      • #12
                        Hit two of three yesterday and suffered my first loss of the 2017 pre-season. Dang Rams had to score last 5 mins of that game. Thanks for the support Spooky and Lew -- let's keep making some money!!!

                        Current Record: 6-1 (+4.90 units)

                        Week 2 - Sunday Picks

                        Atlanta -2.5


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                          Your killin it!
                          Winning is one thing, covering is EVERYTHING!!


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                            Darn - due to "time differences" missed this today


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                              Lew You should be thankful you missed this one. Lol. Falcons laid an egg and got bit in the 4th quarter.

                              Steveoreno thanks buddy! I try!

                              Current Record: 6-2 (+3.80 units)
                              Last edited by Knup; 08-22-17, 09:10 AM.