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Knup's Preseason NFL Picks for 2017

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  • Knup's Preseason NFL Picks for 2017

    Preseason NFL is here! Many of you hate betting on it -- I disagree. Just bet small and understand that LOTS can go wrong. But it gets you in the groove and starts to help you know the teams a bit better. Try to find an edge and when all else fails -- fade the public :)

    Hall of Fame Game tonight!!! PICK: Dallas Cowboys -1

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    Congratulations on your pick tonight!


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      Thanks lb49ers -- NAILED it. Lol well barely squeeked out a winner is more like it. But I'll take it.

      NFL Preseason YTD: 1-0


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        Got a couple pre-season picks for tonight!

        Week 1 - August 8, 2017
        Jacksonville Jaguars +4
        San Francisco 49ers +4

        Current Record: 1-0


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          Nailed the Jags last night! Easy money. 2-0 on the season!

          Week 1 - August 9, 2017
          San Francisco 49ers +4

          Current Record: 2-0


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            49'ers with another EASY WIN in the pre-season...

            3-0 so far.

            No picks on Saturday. Will see what I find on Sunday. Good luck today!

            Current Record: 3-0


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              Ok... Finally got another pre-season play for you guys tonight. Current record sitting at 3-0 this pre-season... LETS GO!

              Seattle Seahawks ML (take them on the moneyline not -3 or whatever it is)


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                Good Luck Knup!! Totally Agree.


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                  Another day... Another winner! Nailing the preseason so far. Hope you all are too.

                  Current Record: 4-0 (+4 units)

                  Week 2 - Saturday Picks

                  Green Bay Packers +4
                  Denver Broncos +3
                  Oakland Raiders ML


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                    Of course it was gonna be a winner. We are never wrong when we both agree on something. lol
                    Congrats bro!


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                      Great stuff, was on..


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                        Hit two of three yesterday and suffered my first loss of the 2017 pre-season. Dang Rams had to score last 5 mins of that game. Thanks for the support Spooky and Lew -- let's keep making some money!!!

                        Current Record: 6-1 (+4.90 units)

                        Week 2 - Sunday Picks

                        Atlanta -2.5


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                          Your killin it!
                          Winning is one thing, covering is EVERYTHING!!


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                            Darn - due to "time differences" missed this today


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                              Lew You should be thankful you missed this one. Lol. Falcons laid an egg and got bit in the 4th quarter.

                              Steveoreno thanks buddy! I try!

                              Current Record: 6-2 (+3.80 units)
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