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    Thursday September 7, 2017
    Kansas City Chiefs +8


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      Editing a comment
      I sure missed that one.

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    1-0 in regular season NFL...
    Sunday September 10, 2017:
    (W) Kansas City Chiefs +8.5 -- Just something about the feel of the Patriots heading into the season. If there has ever been a team that finds a way to cover spreads, and keep it close - it's the Kansas City Chiefs.

    (P) New York Jets +9 -- Man, this is just a bad football game. The New York Jets are going to be bad, but - so will the Buffalo Bills. This will be close than many think.

    (W) New York Jets/Buffalo Bills U40 -- Two of the worst offensive teams in all of the National Football League. Look for these two teams to struggle to score. 20-14 type game here.

    (W) Chicago Bears +7.5 -- I don't like the Chicago Bears in the long term of the season, but think they will give the Falcons all they can handle in Week 1.

    (W) Cleveland Browns +9 -- Even if Le'Veon Bell plays, he will be a little rusty, right? Look for bad road Ben Roethlisberger in this game.

    (W) Detroit Lions +2 -- The Lions are underdogs at home? Against a West Coast team traveling to the East. Odd.

    (L) Tennessee Titans -2 -- The Titans are going to be the NFL's darling this season. Look for the Titans defense to get all over Derek Carr here.

    (L) Jacksonville Jaguars/Houston Texans O39.5 -- Got to score more than this. Come on offenses.

    (L) Washington Redskins +1 -- The Redskins and Kirk Cousins get the win at home in a divisional battle.

    (W) Carolina Panthers -5.5 -- The Panthers are going to roll the 49ers in San Francisco.

    (L) Panthers/49ers O45.5 -- Points!

    (W) Los Angeles Rams -3.5 -- Last minute change here. Like the Rams with Goff and Gurley to down the Colts.

    (L) Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers O51 -- Will Green Bay be able to move the football on Seattle? Will this really happen, or wishful thinking? Take the over.

    (W) Green Bay Packers -2.5 -- Packers win a shootout.

    (W) Dallas Cowboys -3.5 -- Look for the Cowboys to get off to a good start, and get revenge from the past two regular season matchups.
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      Very nice start RodneyK


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        Awesome Rodney


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          Monday September 11, 2017:

          Boom! 9-5-1 start to the NFL season for me.

          No Monday Night Football betting for me tonight. Don't have a great feel on either games. I would lean:
          Saints +3.5, O47.5
          Broncos -3, O42

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            Week 2:

            8-7-1 in Week 2
            17-12-2 overall

            (W) Houston Texans +6 -- Houston with DeShaun Watson will look better offensively. What's the hope for the Cincinnati Bengals? Not sure. But Houston wins this game.

            (L) Cleveland Browns +8 -- Look for the Browns to compete. Not win. Compete

            (L) Carolina Panthers -7 -- Panthers are once again one of my favorite bets of the week.

            (W) Indianapolis Colts +7.5 -- In a battle of bad, Jacoby Brissett keeps this game close.

            (L) Jacksonville Jaguars +2 -- The Jaguars move to 2-0 with a win at home over the Titans.

            (W) Kansas City Chiefs -5 -- Chiefs down the Eagles here. Philadelphia has been successful in this season series.

            (P) Chiefs/Eagles U47 -- Like the Chiefs defense to slow down Wentz.

            (W) Pittsburgh Steelers -6 -- The Steelers have owned this match-up in the past.

            (L) Steelers/Vikings O44.5 -- Big Ben at home. Sign me up.

            (W) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6.5 -- The Buccaneers ARE my favorite game of the week.

            (W) Patriots/Saints O55.5 - Shootout!

            (W) Oakland Raiders -13 -- The Jets are terrible.

            (W) Washington Redskins +3 -- Cousins bounces back with a road win.

            (L) Seattle Seahawks -14 -- Seahawks blast San Francisco.

            (L) Green Bay Packers +3 -- Like the Packers getting some revenge.

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              Good luck!


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                Thursday September 21, 2017:

                Los Angeles Rams -2


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                  25-20-3 overall
                  Week 3: 8-8-1

                  (P) Los Angeles Rams +2 -- Rams should get by San Francisco.
                  (L) Baltimore Ravens -3.5 -- Baltimore is the better team.
                  (W) Baltimore Ravens/Jacksonville Jaguars O38 -- This seems low. Look for these two to go over.
                  (L) Denver Broncos -3 -- Broncos go to Denver and win.
                  (L) Carolina Panthers -5.5 -- The Panthers beat a terrible defensive Saints team.
                  (L) Pittsburgh Steelers -7 -- Bloodbath in Chicago.
                  (W) Atlanta Falcons -3 -- Matt Ryan and company move to 3-0 with a nice road win.
                  (W) Falcons/Lions O51 -- Both teams reach 30?
                  (W) Indianapolis Colts +2 -- The Colts keep Cleveland winless.
                  (W) Houston Texans +14 -- DeShaun and the boys keep this game close.
                  (L) Miami Dolphins -6 -- Sorry Jets.
                  (W)New York Giants +7 -- Got to take the touchdown in a rivalry game.
                  (L) Seattle Seahawks +3 -- The Seahawks go to Nashville and pick up a monster win.
                  (L) Green Bay Packers -8 -- The Packers win at home over a pretty bad Cincinnati team.
                  (W) Packers/Bengals O46 -- OVER.
                  (L) Los Angeles Chargers +3 -- Los Angeles gets a big win at home.
                  (W) Washington Redskins +3 -- Sunday Night Football goes to the home team.
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                    Pretty .500 today


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                      Monday Night Football:
                      Dallas Cowboys -3


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                        Week 4:
                        Packers -7


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                          (W) New Orleans Saints -3 - London games belongs to New Orleans
                          (L) Saints/Dolphins O50.5 -- The London games are always interesting, right?
                          (L) Atlanta Falcons -8 - Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have a big weekend, but the defense remains big story.
                          (W) Falcons/Bills U49 -- Look for Atlanta defense to impress.
                          (W) Cincinnati Bengals -3 -- The Bengals pick up their first win.
                          (W) Los Angeles Rams +7.5 -- Los Angeles competes in Dallas.
                          (L) Lions/Vikings O42 -- Look for some sneaky offense out of these two.
                          (L) New England Patriots -9 -- The Patriots whip the Panthers
                          (W) New York Jets +3 -- Two in a row for the Jets!
                          (W) Pittsburgh Steelers -3 -- Do not love Pittsburgh on the road, but really don't like Baltimore.
                          (W) Houston Texans ML -- The Texans pull off a Week 4 upset,
                          (L) Arizona Cardinals -6 -- Can't bet on San Francisco.
                          (L) Los Angeles Chargers -1 -- Chargers win their first game of the season with good defense over the Eagles.
                          (P) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2 -- Buccaneers edge the Giants.
                          (W) Buccaneers/Giants O45 -- Manning and OBJ - Winston and Evans. Boom.
                          (W) Denver Broncos -3 - Oakland struggles on the road.
                          (W) Broncos/Raiders U46 -- The Raiders struggle offensively again.
                          (L) Indianapolis Colts +13.5 -- Indianapolis competes on Sunday Night.
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                            Good luck today!


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                              I still like Indy tonight. Anyone else?