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Free Sports Jersey Giveaway - September 2017


It's simple. On the first day of every October we will draw ONE LUCKY WINNER. That forum user will win a sports jersey of their choice.

To qualify is simple... Register for the Cappers Lounge forums. MAKE THREE POSTS between now and September 30th on the forums.

If you do those two things, you will automatically be entered in this months drawing! There were only 24 qualified in August so let's increase that. Good luck!

PS -- be sure to use your best email when registering as we will announce the winner via email and on the forums.
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    Thursday September 7, 2017
    Kansas City Chiefs +8


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      Editing a comment
      I sure missed that one.

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    1-0 in regular season NFL...
    Sunday September 10, 2017:
    (W) Kansas City Chiefs +8.5 -- Just something about the feel of the Patriots heading into the season. If there has ever been a team that finds a way to cover spreads, and keep it close - it's the Kansas City Chiefs.

    (P) New York Jets +9 -- Man, this is just a bad football game. The New York Jets are going to be bad, but - so will the Buffalo Bills. This will be close than many think.

    (W) New York Jets/Buffalo Bills U40 -- Two of the worst offensive teams in all of the National Football League. Look for these two teams to struggle to score. 20-14 type game here.

    (W) Chicago Bears +7.5 -- I don't like the Chicago Bears in the long term of the season, but think they will give the Falcons all they can handle in Week 1.

    (W) Cleveland Browns +9 -- Even if Le'Veon Bell plays, he will be a little rusty, right? Look for bad road Ben Roethlisberger in this game.

    (W) Detroit Lions +2 -- The Lions are underdogs at home? Against a West Coast team traveling to the East. Odd.

    (L) Tennessee Titans -2 -- The Titans are going to be the NFL's darling this season. Look for the Titans defense to get all over Derek Carr here.

    (L) Jacksonville Jaguars/Houston Texans O39.5 -- Got to score more than this. Come on offenses.

    (L) Washington Redskins +1 -- The Redskins and Kirk Cousins get the win at home in a divisional battle.

    (W) Carolina Panthers -5.5 -- The Panthers are going to roll the 49ers in San Francisco.

    (L) Panthers/49ers O45.5 -- Points!

    (W) Los Angeles Rams -3.5 -- Last minute change here. Like the Rams with Goff and Gurley to down the Colts.

    (L) Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers O51 -- Will Green Bay be able to move the football on Seattle? Will this really happen, or wishful thinking? Take the over.

    (W) Green Bay Packers -2.5 -- Packers win a shootout.

    (W) Dallas Cowboys -3.5 -- Look for the Cowboys to get off to a good start, and get revenge from the past two regular season matchups.
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      Very nice start RodneyK


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        Awesome Rodney


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          Monday September 11, 2017:

          Boom! 9-5-1 start to the NFL season for me.

          No Monday Night Football betting for me tonight. Don't have a great feel on either games. I would lean:
          Saints +3.5, O47.5
          Broncos -3, O42

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            Week 2:

            8-7-1 in Week 2
            17-12-2 overall

            (W) Houston Texans +6 -- Houston with DeShaun Watson will look better offensively. What's the hope for the Cincinnati Bengals? Not sure. But Houston wins this game.

            (L) Cleveland Browns +8 -- Look for the Browns to compete. Not win. Compete

            (L) Carolina Panthers -7 -- Panthers are once again one of my favorite bets of the week.

            (W) Indianapolis Colts +7.5 -- In a battle of bad, Jacoby Brissett keeps this game close.

            (L) Jacksonville Jaguars +2 -- The Jaguars move to 2-0 with a win at home over the Titans.

            (W) Kansas City Chiefs -5 -- Chiefs down the Eagles here. Philadelphia has been successful in this season series.

            (P) Chiefs/Eagles U47 -- Like the Chiefs defense to slow down Wentz.

            (W) Pittsburgh Steelers -6 -- The Steelers have owned this match-up in the past.

            (L) Steelers/Vikings O44.5 -- Big Ben at home. Sign me up.

            (W) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6.5 -- The Buccaneers ARE my favorite game of the week.

            (W) Patriots/Saints O55.5 - Shootout!

            (W) Oakland Raiders -13 -- The Jets are terrible.

            (W) Washington Redskins +3 -- Cousins bounces back with a road win.

            (L) Seattle Seahawks -14 -- Seahawks blast San Francisco.

            (L) Green Bay Packers +3 -- Like the Packers getting some revenge.

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              Good luck!


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                Thursday September 21, 2017:

                Los Angeles Rams -2


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                  25-20-3 overall
                  Week 3: 8-8-1

                  (P) Los Angeles Rams +2 -- Rams should get by San Francisco.
                  (L) Baltimore Ravens -3.5 -- Baltimore is the better team.
                  (W) Baltimore Ravens/Jacksonville Jaguars O38 -- This seems low. Look for these two to go over.
                  (L) Denver Broncos -3 -- Broncos go to Denver and win.
                  (L) Carolina Panthers -5.5 -- The Panthers beat a terrible defensive Saints team.
                  (L) Pittsburgh Steelers -7 -- Bloodbath in Chicago.
                  (W) Atlanta Falcons -3 -- Matt Ryan and company move to 3-0 with a nice road win.
                  (W) Falcons/Lions O51 -- Both teams reach 30?
                  (W) Indianapolis Colts +2 -- The Colts keep Cleveland winless.
                  (W) Houston Texans +14 -- DeShaun and the boys keep this game close.
                  (L) Miami Dolphins -6 -- Sorry Jets.
                  (W)New York Giants +7 -- Got to take the touchdown in a rivalry game.
                  (L) Seattle Seahawks +3 -- The Seahawks go to Nashville and pick up a monster win.
                  (L) Green Bay Packers -8 -- The Packers win at home over a pretty bad Cincinnati team.
                  (W) Packers/Bengals O46 -- OVER.
                  (L) Los Angeles Chargers +3 -- Los Angeles gets a big win at home.
                  (W) Washington Redskins +3 -- Sunday Night Football goes to the home team.
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                    Pretty .500 today