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Free Sports Jersey Giveaway - September 2017


It's simple. On the first day of every October we will draw ONE LUCKY WINNER. That forum user will win a sports jersey of their choice.

To qualify is simple... Register for the Cappers Lounge forums. MAKE THREE POSTS between now and September 30th on the forums.

If you do those two things, you will automatically be entered in this months drawing! There were only 24 qualified in August so let's increase that. Good luck!

PS -- be sure to use your best email when registering as we will announce the winner via email and on the forums.
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Nfl football 2017

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  • Nfl football 2017

    NFL WK 1. Thursday night...PASS.
    Its hard passing on the opening game of the season. I do not want to force a play, if it doesn't rate 3 or 5 units for me.
    Probably not a Viable stat any longer. It used to be, in past years the super bowl champs failed to cover ATS,through out the first few weeks of the season.

    Though I would not be surprised if the Pats win by two tds or more.
    I think the most significant pick-up for the Patriots this year was Rex Burkhead, should be a really important player for Brady this season.

  • #2
    Dude I 100000% agree here. I'm dyin passin on this one but I can't do it. Let's just enjoy the game. Gun to my head I take the Pats to roll but not doing it.


    • #3
      Wow! ... Its all over now. The Pats are done,finished,cooked and overrated. Tom Brady is over the hill, Bill belichick has lost his MOJO and should join ESPN, alongside with. Eric mangini .
      And yes Andy Reid is the next best thing, since the Philly Cheese Steak.


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        Lol that's so funny cashking.......they might not lose again this year.....joking


        • #5
          NFL WK 1. Full card.

          3 UNITS
          Atlanta -6
          Jacksonville +5.5

          5 UNITS. Best Bets.
          PITTSBURGH -9
          SEATTLE +3


          • #6
            Late game

            3 units. GIANTS +4


            • #7
              Ok I'm gonna pretend that Sunday didn't happen...

              My Monday night AFC, NFC Parlay Is ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTLEY FREE!!
              Just Call My Office, For This EZ Winner...


              • #8
                Well, my ringer was turned off, now its on and I have it set on Loud, so I wont miss any calls.
                Hurry up guys, the clock is ticking.


                • #9
                  Just in case you guys got a Busy Signal..... 3 UNITS Saints +3 Chargers +3


                  • #10
                    Call the red cross offices!!


                    • #11
                      Great way to start the season. Sunday, 1-3-1. - minus -10 units.Monday, 1 push 1 loss. Parlay loser - 3 units.

                      YTD. 1-4 -2. minus - 13 units.
                      3 units. 1-2-2. -3units.
                      5 units. 0-2. - 10units.


                      • #12
                        Thursday night football
                        3 units
                        Cincinnati - 6. College fb Pass.


                        • #13
                          WK 2. Early games. Two plays.

                          3 units first half. KANSAS CITY -3
                          5 units game. KANSAS CITY -5


                          • #14
                            Late games full card.
                            3 units. first half Cowboys -1.5
                            3 units. first half Chargers -2.5

                            3 units. Washington +3
                            5 units. COWBOYS -2.5


                            • #15
                              Thur. 0-1. lost - 3 units.
                              Sun. 3-2-1.won + 3 units.

                              YTD. 4-7-3. -13 Units.
                              3 units. 3-4-3. -3 units.
                              5 units. 1-3. -10 units.

                              MONDAY NIGHT
                              NO PLAY.