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    Is there any national teams basketball fans here? Or any type of basketball fans, who are planing to watch FIBA world cup 2019, if so who are you root for?

    Me personally I'm Lithuanian, so of course I root for and support my own countryman. Our team is pretty dangerous this year, especially under the rim with JV and Sabonis. But I don't trust our coach too much in Adomaitis. He's a little too young and inexperienced I think:). My wishes are to make to the semifinals somehow, after that I count on luck lol.

    Also, I think USA this year looks pretty weak, basically no all stars, core is made of third year players like Donathan Mitchell, Tatum. Kemba is I guess their best player, they do have Popovich though:) Do you guys think they are still such a clear favorite to win it all? Like bookies do so:) Or maybe other teams like Serbia have a decent chance to win it all and is it worth betting?:) What are your thoughts on it?

    I really do recommend to watch this world cup. These type of tournaments always have plenty of teams who play their heart out;) so games can get super exciting, especially in a later rounds plus it only last for 2 weeks;)
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    AND please share your tips from this championship!
    Good luck;)