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  • Official POD

    Ok, starting today we are officially launching the PLAY OF THE DAY. Knup has your daily winner for you and will track wins/losses/units here. May be some underdogs so play at your own risk :)

    Record: 0-0

    August 15th
    Atlanta Braves +131

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    Wow, NAILED the play of the day yesterday to start off with a huge underdog winner with the CL POD. Some of you emailed me and said you actually got the Braves all the way at like +165. I'll take the +131 posted and consider it a win.

    Record: 1-0 +131

    August 16
    Tampa Bay Rays +126

    I like this Jacob Faria kid. I think he has some good stuff and can hold down the Blue Jays. Stroman is solid but the Rays can rattle him. TB plays surprisingly well on the road and the Jays aren't all that great at home. I also like that the public is 68% on the Jays yet the line is moving in the Rays favor. Always the side I want to be on. Good luck!


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      I like the play. Faria is good, but I'd more lean on the under because Stroman career-wise has pitched well against the Rays.

      My underdog POD today would be the Pirates +$113; Cole has dominated the Brewers career wise and has been hot; Nelson has been good, but was rocked his last time out. My top play is on MIL Under 4.5 Team Runs.

      Not sure if you want replies in this thread; if not, then let me know I will refrain from commenting.


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        I definitely want replies. Let's go! Thanks for the input. Good luck tonight.


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          Took a loss 3-2 yesterday. Tight game as I expected but the Rays couldn't get enough runs. Valiant effort but a loss. Nice hit on the UNDER @isanauthor

          Record: 1-1 +.31

          August 17
          San Francisco Giants -115

          The Phillies are the worst team in baseball and on top of that -- they aren't playing well right now. They strut Aaron Nola to the mound who is their one bright spot. But the Giants have Samardija (sp) on the mound who is a bit better than his record suggests. He's been pitching well despite his last outing against the Nationals.

          SF is a very small favorite (basically pickem) in this game and I like them to win this one -- at home -- 6-3 final score prediction. Good luck!


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            Nice winner with the Giants last night. Got a little concerned as the final score was closer than expected. But will take the one run win. All counts the same with the sportsbook (unless you jump no a RunLine or something).

            Record: 2-1 +1.31

            August 18
            Los Angeles Angels +122

            I'm going with another small underdog play in the MLB for my pick of the day today. The Angels are hot right now, winning 7 of 8. The Orioles have been average to say the least over the last month. Getting some decent value with Heaney at +122 so hoping those Oriole Righties can go silent for a night. Angels win 7-4 tonight. Good luck!


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              Ouch! That one hurt last night. Angels had this one in the bag if they only knew how to contain Manny Machado. Walkoff granny to give me the L. Such is betting and we will move on to Saturday.

              Record: 2-2 (+.31 units)

              August 19
              Green Bay Packers +4

              Not a lot to write up about this being the pre-season. More of a hunch play and watching the line movements makes me take a flyer on the Packers. Keep in mind, I like to buy the "hook" (half point) most of the time to get off the half number. Sucks losing a bet by a half point. Good Luck!


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                Ok Packers! Green Bay taking care of business for me last night giving the POD yet another win. Let's keep rolling into Sunday.

                Record: 3-2 (+1.31 units)

                August 20
                Atlanta Falcons -2.5

                If you haven't realized this by now, you will by the end of the football season. I'm a big follower of line movements. This line shifted... And shifted big. That means something boys? What does it mean -- I'm not entirely sure nor do I care. But the sportsbooks are sharper than us. They adjusted this line in a big way and I'm going on the side of the Falcons. Again, it's pre-season so hard to do any true capping. But let's side with the books and take Atlanta -2.5.


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                  Falcons took one on the chin yesterday to give us a loss for the POD. Time to move on and start another profitable week on Monday.

                  Record: 3-3 (+.21 units)

                  August 21
                  Milwaukee Brewers vs. San Francisco Giants OVER 8.5 runs

                  Tonight we take our first total as the play of the day. Milwaukee has been scoring runs and typically goes over the posted total of 8.5 regularly. San Francisco is a little less predictable on scoring runs but they still have been hitting decent of late. Both pitchers (Davies and Stratton) have a mid to upper 4+ ERA going. Look for San Francisco to win this game 6-5. I like the Giants +108 as a secondary play but betting on the OVER 8.5 runs. Good luck!


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                    Not on a very good run here. Nice of the Brewers and Giants to score 2 runs last night. Ouch! Who else is ready for football every day :)

                    Record: 3-4 (-.89 units)

                    August 22
                    Atlanta Braves -110

                    Today we head back to Major League Baseball (yeah since that's about all we got). The Braves host the Mariners with two bad pitchers on the mound. But Marco Gonzales wins the award for worse of the two. He has given up 10 runs in his last 12 2/3 innings pitched and now he has to throw in the hitter friendly environment in Atlanta. Not going to go well. Look for Freddie Freeman to have a big game and Atlanta to really jump on Seattle. 9-3 final!


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                      Back in the winners circle with an easy 4-0 win for the Braves. Not as high scoring as I thought it would be, but a win none the less.

                      Record: 4-4 (+ .11 units)

                      August 23
                      Pittsburgh Pirates +147

                      I nearly skipped the play of the day today for lack of finding something I loved. But then it hit me -- DONT BE SCARED! I do love the Pirates tonight... But I'm also scared of the Dodger juggernaut going on right now. So if you are scared of playing a big dog against the best team in baseball -- STOP HERE. If not, let's get a nice juicy underdog win.

                      So despite the Pirates lackluster season, they are actually solid at home with a 34-30 record. They've dropped the first two games in this series and I'm always a sucker for the "due factor". The Dodgers have overperformed this season and some regression is sure to happen. Why not tonight when you get a great +150 value on the Bucs?

                      Rich Hill is not a world beater for the Dodgers by any means. He's solid, but I think Pittsburgh rattles his cage a bit. Trevor Williams will have to show up for this pick to win. Lastly, it fits into one of my systems that looks at public bet percentage against line movement. I like that. Going with Pirates to win this game 6-5 tonight. Good luck!


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                        Good to see the pod thread going. See if i can help.
                        Pick Winners & Catch Fish


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                          Rich Hill pitches a no hitter and the Pirates survive. Nice call
                          "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.... Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day"


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                            Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Sometimes life calls... But yea -- how about those Pirates? Massive +147 win on a no hitter. Crazy!

                            Record: 5-4 (+ 1.58 units)

                            August 25
                            Oakland Athletics -127

                            Tonight we go to the American League for the first of a 3 game series between the Rangers and Athletics. I like the A's spot tonight. They are solid at home while the Rangers are below average on the road. Nick Martinez for the Rangers vs. Kendall Graveman for the A's. Not much difference between these two below average pitchers. But Graveman gets the slight bump being at home and overall a better ERA. Texas beat up on Oakland the last time they played in May. So look for Oakland to have revenge on the mind. The line movement/public bets supports what I like to back. Betting the Athletics -127 tonight. Good luck!


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                              Nice winner once again for the Cappers Lounge Play of the Day as the Athletics took care of business 3-1. Congrats to those of you that tailed it. Let's keep winning! Today is such a great day in sports. Mayweather vs. McGregor, college football and of course baseball and preseason action.

                              Record: 6-4 (+ 2.58 units)

                              August 26
                              Rice +31

                              Ok, so Stanford is going to win this game. We all know that. But they have a bigtime USC game to look forward to in week 2. Plus, they historically donít put up MAJOR offensive points. I expect Stanford to win but not show their best ó leave a little of surprise for USC. Rice covers the +31. Good luck!