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How would it feel to cover 9-0 last 5 out of six by double digits?

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  • How would it feel to cover 9-0 last 5 out of six by double digits?

    Rarely do opportunities come our way and then we miss out on the NEXT BIG THING! Stay tuned tomorrow when we post our plays on TWITTER @VIPSPORTSSOUTHW as we go 9-0 in the NBA.when we cover all 3. Some may think to themselves it was a fluke or we just got lucky..Its 320-1 odds..When was the last time you saw a horse win at those odds? Maybe around 50 years ago.We have put in 1000s of hours.Its not arrogance its extreme confidence.We feel like we can WIN EVERY GAME! Those that see a GREAT OPPORTUNITY WILL BE REWARDED!#nba,#sports betting,#sports picks...

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    CHICAGO BULLS + 9 1/2 BOSTON CELTICS - 9 AND DENVER NUGGETS + 5.We send out plays to our clients early.We are posting our plays late because on twitter there alot of services and if they see one that rarely loses they will post their plays and take credit. For more plays you can go to We expect to win every game!
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      Should have covered last 8 of 9 but good old BOSTON CELTICS up 10 with DALLAS SIDE OUT with 5 seconds left stood there like their fans still in the seats and watched DALLAS drain A 3 no hands up and no class.A good VALUE PLAY was BOSTON 2nd HALF DOWN 10 at the half and before the 3 outscored dallas by 20 when as expected the fatigue set in.The only bad call in the last 11 we had 2 pushes was Denver didn't cover by 4 pts.11 games in a row within 4 pts I don't think too many services can do that.The Denver game just made our algorithm formula stronger.We are done for a while posting free games.If you want to experience the thrill of your life go to our WEBSITE and purchase.We take your wagering money VERY SERIOUSLY! We are going on an endless run!