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    I've been thrilled since I joined this site as I have learned a wealth of information about betting, so thanks. I have question about if there is a site out there currently, that tracks the betting performance of pay sites, amateurs, and everyone in between, similar to what has. If anyone can shoot me links to something like that or similar, I would really appreciate it.


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    Re: Sports Betting Performance Tracker

    Hey, if you are looking for sites that track pay services, there are a bunch out there but don't trust most of them. The way they get the services' picks? The pay services have to pay to be on these sites. Do they want to post bad records about their customers? No. So, by definition these sites aren't reliable. The exception would be a site that doesn't take money from the services (like trackpicks). For services, I would recommend you go with those that post their picks on their site for everyone to see. Find the ones that are honest that way.

    For tracking your own picks (amateurs), you can use a site like which tracks and reports on all picks made.


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      Giving this thread a bump. Curious what you guys use these days to track your bets?