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Let's Talk "Units" in Sports Betting

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  • Let's Talk "Units" in Sports Betting

    Something that always interests me about cappers is their philosophy in betting. I'm going to add a poll here to see if we can get some votes. But the question is -- do you treat "all bets" equal. Meaning, if it's a bet -- it's a bet. Define your "unit" size and all bets made are 1 unit.


    Do you like to bet different size units depending on "how much" you like a certain game?

    I've went back and forth on this personally in my "betting life". I'm currently a "1 unit player" but curious what you all do? Would love to hear an explanation of why as well.
    I Typically Bet Just 1 Unit
    I Adjust My Units Bet Based on How Much I Like the Pick
    I Don't Bet

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    I will go 1st. I personally use a 2 through 5 as a normal play. I will bet a 6 but that is about it. I personally use a few methods to my madness. I always start with a math model. Then situational, historical, and a couple of others. Some plays just have a higher value to me. Example. The NHL has been my most profitable sport the last 6 or 7 years. I will find a couple of times a month when a game will have a total listed at 5. When I can find no way for them to not get to at least 5 I will always play it as a 5 or 6 unit play. This year produced several pushes but I can not remember a single time that I failed to get at least the 5.


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      I will increase my wagers on how much I like the play. 2 for me is just a lean. 3 is a play, 4 I'm liking it a lot and my 5s are my pod and just plays that I really really see value in.
      To quote the late Al Davis " Just win"


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        I went through a year or two back a decade ago where I really got burnt thinking plays of mine were "higher value" than other ones. It would piss me off to win 2 of 3 and break even because the one I lost was the big unit play.

        I adjusted my mindset back then to what I still do now. If it has enough value to be a play. I play it. If not - I don't.

        Love hearing all of your strategies. Maybe I'll pivot again sometime soon. always learning!!!


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          I bet a fixed percentage of my bankroll at the beginning of the period. All my bets are similar enough and my stake size is the same for each bet. When the bankroll increases by X% or decreases by Y% I adjust the amount I bet until I reach one of these thresholds again.
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            I try to keep it under 2% of my bankroll.