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  • College/Nfl Skills Contest

    Football contest $50 per man payable being normal means. 2nd place keeps entry fee. Once one pick is made you are entered & rules in play, if fail to miss a selection that is on the player. We have done this contest before, this time adding a twist. 2 week contest. Category type style with having to check off/win them. Once they are won they are done. Cannot reselect a category in the same week. The week starts on Thursday and concludes after Monday night football. Each correct win is equal to one point. Throwing in a V bomb which is equal to 2 points, this bomb must be used. This can be used any week. No negatives. A winner will be the first one to complete all categories. At the end of 2 weeks if not all categories are completed, the most points will take home the prize, and 2nd place determined.

    Trying to not have a contest go on for to long. The goal is skill testing across various bets. Do not want to put to much on the bomb, because trying to complete each.

    1. College ML fav $-200 or less
    2. College ML dog $+150 or greater
    3. College spread 7- points or greater favorite
    4. College spread underdog 7- points or more dog
    5. Total points over
    6. Total points under
    7. 2 team 6 point teaser, if one teams falls on a push the whole teaser is counted as a loser


    1. Nfl ML fav $-200 or less
    2. Nfl ML dog $+130 or greater
    3. Spread fav
    4. Spread Underdog
    5. Total points over
    6. Total points under
    7. 3 team 10 point teaser, if one of the teams falls on a push the whole teaser is counted as a loser.

    any push is like a loser...

    Questions, comments, suggestions, seems clear to me. But some loophole may be in there. …can someone post lines?
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    I am in. Just let me know when it starts. only suggestion I would have would narrow categories to 5 each league and toss the teasers, they seem to complicate things, as there is going to be a lot more math involved, as opposed to just grading off the posted lines. But it is your call. Hope we can get some contestants. Anyone else interested?
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      I'd be in as well. But can't seem to drum up "business" for these contests! grrr... Will send an email today and mention.


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        Does anyone know of any current contests like this btw?