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Sat 3/9 Night in the Lab / Tourney Prep ; mad-dog play

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  • Sat 3/9 Night in the Lab / Tourney Prep ; mad-dog play

    Hey guys. If any one's around. Pulled an all nighter. Been doing okay?

    Parlay of 4 Teams
    Risk: $12.00 Win: $163.57 So that's 1.5 units for me
    1.Under 60.5-101
    1H Syracuse vs 1H Clemson
    2.PROVIDENCE -3-111
    Overnight mad-dog play
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    RX Prescription play:
    PARLAY (2 TEAMS) to win $70.89
    Risk: $25.50 - Win: $70.89

    Villanova -3½+103
    Game Start 03/09/2019 @ 09:00 AM pst
    Texas Tech -2-116
    Game Start 03/09/2019 @ 11:00 AM pst
    Overnight RX - Starting with a short stack.
    Build a starter roll. That would be about 3 units. No lectures please. I'm not all there anyways.
    Good Luck and Good Caps!
    Feeling a cover coming from the Wildcats.
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      Sorry fella's. Was horrible last week. With the parlays. 0-2. Should have just played straight


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        Today early and probably late. NC. STATE / VIRGINIA. POSTED LINES ARE NOW NC. ST +11.5. O/U 132.
        Is N.C. STATE A LIVE DOG? That's what the trends say. THIS IS STILL AN RX play for me. Though my fundamentals would lean Virginia covers just barely the eleven.
        Since I was going to buy a point down for Virgina to cover the 11pts. But at the window the line was moving against me, "FORGET ABOUT IT!
        I TOOK 1H TOTAL; OVER THE 62.
        Bought a pt down on the total. Under 131 @ ? WITH NC. STATE COVERING THE 11.5 , FOR A TWO TEAM PARLAY. This WEEkend, my base bet is 3% of my Roll.
        So Put 4 units on the First half, and 5 units on the Parlay. Good Luck Fellas, but I'm detatching from the outcome. Later!


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          What would Tex say? Just recently heard about the lesson to be learned from "the second kick of a mule".
          Rough yesterday. Overthought the play. Was correct on the under 132 on the NC. State. But still had it in a parlay, instead of straight does not pay. So now 0-3 on palays.
          I'll have to settle down and make a proper two teamer parlays. Looks like 0-2 on straight plays as well.


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            This am a straight bet and a 3-team parlay
            Straight: MICHIGAN STATE Play -10.5 (-111) bought a point. My thinking. Heard Izzo might want to use his bench, get his two horses who have not been injured some rest.
            Hope that requires they get a sizeable lead, before he starts pacing the game. for 5 units

            Parlay: MICHIGAN STATE -10.5 (-111) to the Under134.5-126 (Ohio State vs Michigan State) with VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH -8 (-106). For 4 units Do they shoot mules, also?
            Or just horses?
            Good Luck and Good Capps, everyone. I may be back late this afternoon, on the "left" coast!
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              HAPPY TRAILS ALL!!

              Hey Guys. COLLEGE HOOPS Season Start's Next Week!!. Don't know if I can get the RxLab up and going. But What the hell, let's try and grab one of those first weekend no-brainer 3, 4, or 5 team parlays.
              Of course my typical units of trade are usually 1u, 2U, 3u. But I like what I.C. is doing now with his 7, 4,4,3,3,3,3, IC7 plays. This year. But I cannot make that many plays.
              Hell. I won't post more than one or two a couple of days during the week. Probably three on a Saturday or Saturday, once the Conference play begins. But playing the top 25 can be a challenge early in the year, for me. And even in the year when I start doing RxLab plays.
              But I like a challenge. Though those early parlays, mostly probably will not be All Top 25 teams, instead common sense plays. Which can be hard for me to come by at times. And will not necessarily be the RxLab plays. (I should have put a copyright on that when I started it a few years ago). So I'll be open to overnite suggestions, or opinion requests.

              Note:Especially my football plays are not RxLab. Though we should be hitting the NFL like taking candy from a baby!
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                Sorry guys, maybe back with a few late plays RxLab is not up & running yet.

                All I got early, for one unit a piece.

                1H Jacksonville State +7-120

                Game Start 11/05/2019 @ 05:00 PM pac.



                Kansas vs Duke , The Garden can be "cold"
                Game Start 11/05/2019 @ 04:00 PM pac.


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                  Wed. 11/6/19

                  Results: from 11/05/2019. Will count "Props" as plays. Will separate YTD counts for parlays, for as long as I can keep up.
                  Results totals apprx. value as far as juice is concerned. If you know someone willing to do the math, great.
                  But those "soccer" spreadsheets, are not for me!

                  (1H Jacksonville State; +7 -120): push

                  Jacksonville State (0-1)
                  24 41 65
                  31 43 74 .

                  (Kansas vs Duke; Under;150.5 -101) W

                  #3 Kansas(0-1)
                  30 36 66
                  33 35 68

                  Inside the MSG, most of the fans had sweaters and jackets on. Hmm. Flu season. Make sure and wash your hands with soap and hot h20,
                  while you recite the "pledge of allegiance" aloud. That's enough "soap and water"! Just a suggestion.
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                    Sorry for the weekend no show. But it is prime football. No time to really cap these early NCAAM games. But wow! What a start to the season for cappers.
                    MAY BE BACK FOR A FEW OF THE 2;00PM(11;00AM Pacific) games. Definitely your East Coast late pm & evening games. Meanwhile I like Buffalo in NFL
                    early but still charting.