1* (5-6)(+0.20 units)
2* (1-1)(even)
3* (1-1)(even)
OVERALL (7-8)(+0.20 units)

1-3 dropping 2.77 units on Sunday. I did mention that I have a history of not doing well on Sunday and sure enough I lost once again. Overall I finished the first week in the plus (barely), so I will take it.

I decided that I do not like the one thread for all my picks, so I am going to go back to starting a new thread every day.

1* Oakland -115 vs Angels
1* San Diego -125 vs Arizona

1* parlay risking 1.00 units to win 1.30 units
Milwaukee over Pittsburgh
Houston over Seattle

Two games canceled already. I will be shocked if they complete this already shortened season.