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    Sunday.. WOW ! Megregor, getting Knocked out, unbelievable. Congratulations to Poirer. Well done.

    NFL Full card. F.Half. Green bay -3. Game Bills Money line + 155.

    BEST BETS.. Packers -4. Bills +3.


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      The shit show continues, with a very disappointing - 0-4 Sunday. January down the drain.
      Playoff numbers. 4 - 13. 5 Unit Best bets....2 - 9 - 1.


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        Super Bowl. First Half.. 2 Units. Kansas City -2.5. 5 Unit Best Bet KANSAS CITY -3.

        Prop bets 1 Unit. - 115. Pat Mahomes longest pass completion Over 39.5 yds. YES. - 110.YES Longest FG. Over 46.5. + 100 YES Both teams Over 35 yd. Field goals.

        YES + 195 Will there be a Two pt conversion.


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          Sunday... Lost again 0-2.on game. 2 - 2 on props. Post season . 4 - 15. Best bets.. 2 - 11.


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            Hello! Just wanted to ask if you only focus on football leagues? I am sort of a soccer fan myself, and I am hoping to see if any of you guys here are keen in creating threads about the said sport? Any league will do! Regardless of that, I still enjoy American football. I do also appreciate you taking the time to make a comprehensive thread (updates) about the NFL 2020. Looking at each comment has me thinking of how deep and varied your knowledge of how points work in that sport. Man, you could do sports betting given your high interests.


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              I appreciate the game of soccer, I just don't make the time to follow it. I'm sure someone in this forum is doing well with soccer, and could be more helpful.
              I look forward to posting for 2021 NFL season. Thanks for your question.