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Over/Under..Reg time vs Reg plus overtime NHL

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  • Over/Under..Reg time vs Reg plus overtime NHL

    Maybe someone can explain this to me. Normally, if I take the O/U on reg. time plus overtime and shootouts I have a 5.5 o/u. If I want to do just regular time I usually get a 5-5.5, meaning if the game is tied 2-2 and it goes into OT, I don't get that extra point for a push, vs the game ending 2-3 in reg. time.

    However, when I get a regular time only o/u of just 5.5, the odds are better than OT incl.

    For example, today on Canbet:
    CAR/WIN Over (5.5) for reg plus OT is -120
    CAR WIN OVER (5.5) for regular time only -109.

    If the score is 2-2 in regular time, then the final score will be 5, and I lose the over in both cases, or it is 3-3 in regular time where I win in both cases. Since OT does not affect the over/under on a 5.5, why is a discrepancy?

    Is this just the bookie hoping people don't line shop within their own site?
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    Re: Over/Under..Reg time vs Reg plus overtime NHL

    I've only exclusively bet reg+OT totals. Anyone know the answer to this?