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    I hope everyone here and their families are doing well.

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    Me too. I know that your post was quite long overdue but it is still in 2021 that I am amazed to find old threads and posts that are relevant up until now. Honestly speaking, im so tired of this virus and its impact on the world. I can't wait for everything to be normal again because I really miss hanging out with the people I love, especially family. I miss travelling around the world and it is really sad that I can't do it anymore. Still, what matters now is that everyone stays safe and virus-free with their families.


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      it seems to me that we are all tired of the virus and lockdown. I can't wait for everything to be normal too. But during this this abnormal period I found a new interesting activity - golf
      maybe there are a golf enthusiasts ?

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        The only golf experience I have, is in miniature golf.


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          In order to avoid the spread of the virus, it is best if families opt to do baking or cooking at home. Plus, this is also a good time for you to hone your child?s skills in cooking ? one of the most essential house tasks.