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Bicycle or e-scooter?

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  • Bicycle or e-scooter?

    A sense of competition always simmers under the surface of similar modes of transport. Whether it's mountain bikers vs roadies or skateboarders vs BMXers, but one of the biggest considerations for people living in the cities nowadays is - bikes vs scooters!

    When it comes to commuters, a folding bike is ideal. To take your chosen wheels onto the train with you during rush hour, and to quickly unfold and whizz onwards, leaving your fellow train passengers queueing for the bus, can bring on a sense of winning even while the day has barely begun.

    But why compare the cycle-commute and the scoot-commute? Bikes are the more efficient form of transport, they are fast and easy to use, so how could a scooter possibly compete?

    What do you choose: a bike / e-bike or a modern and fast electric scooter ?

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