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    Ya, you're right. That's where I get odds. You knew.
    I give up with my contest suggestions if no one wants to discuss them. I can't keep track of all those individual score changes, let alone lead changes for contestants, with the constant changes to everyone else's scores. Instead of just keeping each player's running score, it's having to track the "CHANGES" in each player's total score. The size of the number is not the issue. It's the increased number of calculations that's time consuming. Whatever.
    Easier for people to make mistakes, imho.
    I do the shit all day long now. Correcting High School and Middle School Math practice tests, when I'm not subbing for a classroom teacher in this undersized overcrowded charter school in Downtown L.A. You wouldn't believe how many mistakes are made with even adding and subtracting Negative and Postive Numbers, let alone multiplying/dividing.
    And don't know if it's worth trying to make a spread sheet that would allow easy input. And do the math. Maybe a database.
    Right now had adrenaline dump. Temp. job stressful, and time consuming commute.
    No time for personal biz. Tried to get a lot done today. Probably won't keep up iwth the contest. Frigging Houston Sucks!
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      And hell, I might get so excited with my attitude, get fired from my job, after the standardized testing is done, and have more time to moderate the damn thing!
      Looking at the rules. Seems to be a part of me that doesn't like a lot of rules. Or Dictators for that matter. Watching the WNBA Lynx at Liberty. Ah Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. and Props for Freedom, Justice, and the American Way!


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        Ivy. I try to make these contests to challenge the people involved, but if everyone likes, we can keep it simple and just a basic contest. You pick a winner. You get a point. You pick a loser, you just pick a loser, it doesn't matter. No bombs, no negatives, no money lines, no variations. 1 point for winners. Pick side and total per game. Gonna be a tie I would imagine, and if it comes down to a potential last game, no bombs to make up lost ground. Anyone else have input?
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          We have had bombs before. In my opinion it takes just as much time to figure any way you decide. There are no complicated math equations here. Hell if we blow up we can see how far minus we get kinda like when the late nite bail outs blow up lol. Carry on & GL cle or gs. Should get $hit over with & start now with those 2z
          Pick Winners & Catch Fish


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            Sorry, confusing post on my part. My ex-boss was the "dictator", so to speak. Not you, Tex. I know your the "real deal". I wouldn't play you like that. And for a start back-up contest, ya I was hoping it would be kinda simple to encourage the new players. the sight is usually challenging for newbies or even some who are returnee's. Yes?

            I have no problem with the bombs. And I now understand, from your feedback, why the positive and negative points got conflated for me.

            For instatance I'd compromise on the plus pt. / minus pt for the bombs, as long as that doesn't apply to regular plays. If you miss a regular pick (without a bomb), you already forego an accumulation of a score. That's a penalty. Conversly, if you wanna play with a bomb, if it misfires you get more burnt from the collateral damage, than from a standard play. If it's effective, i.e. wins, you get the increased "credit" for hitting your target with the bigger weapon with more "deadly impact".

            As far as pushes, since it's been the season of the over in totals, I could compromise on adding the 1/2 pt to totals.

            But how would you decide ,Rich whether to add, or deduct a 1/2 a pt. on the ATS picks? Wouldn't that be best determined by whether it's a key number or not? Up a half for a pick(0), 3, 6, 7, 10, 12. Down a half for all the rest? Btw, that would also prevent a duplication of bets, should the Vegas Line be a pick on a game.

            As far as a tie-breaker, I would suggest if an elimination game occurs, then a tiebreaker of the closest to the total score WITHOUT GOING OVER, be mandatory. To lessen the possibility of a tie. And/Or some contests have required an inability to pick a total that's already been chosen by one of the contestants. And as has been our practice we all try to agree on handling discrepancies?

            Hey Wise, Rich, Deuce, West, Tex, Vytas, 5th, Tryin, Money, Crani, zipp, dickmanj, knup, Profit, left out a lot of folks Ice, Green, whomever?


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              Hey men,

              I am of the opinion to limit or forget the bombs, no disrespect V, for this 1st contest, especially since new cappers are going to give it a shot. Either have one bomb that doubles the value to none, we can work them in later contests.

              I like the total points for final game as the tiebreaker because it is a known commodity that everyone uses in box/square/grid chance bets.

              I say pick side, total, and moneyline,. all for plus 1pt for win, minus 1 pt for lose, as we all receive money for wins with the book and all have to pay for loses.

              As for moving the line 1/2, on the fence about that, might be better just to take chance with pushes and have the lines posted early on the day of the game, shouldn't be much swing barring any potential injury to key players.

              I'm for whatever the BigCat decides, though.... Damn Knup, great to see you have the weird green thing emoji!!!!

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                Ok, I'll concede on the minus points / vs. +1_pt for a win and 0_pt. for a loss. It's kinda moot. And it'll be easier to post the lines without editing "em. Same for the totals. V-Bomb used to count for 3pts, right? When there was just one_ V-Bomb? Winner gets to set the rules for the next "Hoops" contest, as has been our tradition?Your Turn Tex.

                Just happy you guys are all back. I will try & moderate myself. Sorry if I seemed argumentative. Just trying to get us to collaborate more! Even though "My "E-Q"" has been known to suck.
                BTW. Did Your Book Have A Line For The 1st Finals Game with the Warriors Listed as -7' vs. Cleveland like mine?


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                  HTML Code:
                   CLEVELAND CAVALIERS @ BOSTON CELTICS - 8:30 PM Game Time
                  Record                                                                    Line                             Betting Trend
                  Teams     Win-Loss             Streak ATS        Open  Current  1Half  2Half   Side   Money  O/U
                  507 Clev. (51-31) (20-21 A) W-1   36-43-3   -8.5    -10          -5.5                 82%  53%    73%
                  508 Bost. (53-29) (30-11 H) L-1    40-40-2              215.5      108.5             18%   47%    27%
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                    Well, Players. Practicing posting odds. There's a trick. Will practice with some WNBA lines later this am. There's a trick. Using the HTML tags do help. But text still has to be massaged before and even a little after that. It'll be okay once I play with the formatting tools some more. It's still important to avoid links to url's, I'd imagine.
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                      As long as someone can explain the rules to me using small words, I'm in.
                      “We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness.
                      We are monkeys with money and guns.”
                      ― Tom Waits


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                        Originally posted by vytas12 View Post
                        As long as someone can explain the rules to me using small words, I'm in.
                        LOL! I'll try and dial it back. practicing just posting lines for now.


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                          Game Time Gm 5 Lines. Format Practice
                          Clev Cavs @ Bost Celts
                          8:30PM GM1 Record Line Betting Trend
                          Teams Win-Loss Streak ATS Open Current 1Half 2Half Side Money O/U
                          507 Cleveland (51-31) (20-21 A) W-1 36-43-3 -8.5 -10 -6 71% 37% 67%
                          508 Boston (53-29) (30-11 H) L-1 40-40-2 213.5 108 29% 63% 33%

                          Getting Better!
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                            Sample Early Post of Game 1 Line - Off

                            HTML Code:
                             6:00 PM  701 Clv Cavaliers    Spread +7.5 -106     Total 225-106     Odds +286
                                     702 G St. Warriors            -7.5 -106           225-106                    -327